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Feng Shui Living Room Layout


As a place of entertaining guests and a space of family chatting, gathering and relaxation, the living room is supposed to be lively and harmonious. The living room Feng Shui is related to personal wealth and health, as well as the peace and happiness of the whole family. 1. Light First of all, the living room shall be sunny and bright. The bright living room will bring prosperous family luck to the family. The dark colors shall be avoided in the decoration of the living room, or it will bring bad luck to the family. 2. Should be visible as soon as entering into the door. The living room shall be visible as soon as entering into the door. According to Feng Shui knowledge, if the living room is behind the bedroom or kitchen, your life will have no privacy, leading to digression and mistakes in work or business. 3. Should be in the center of the house. As a place for the whole family, the living room shall be in the center of the house. If a bedroom is transformed from part of a spacious living room, the living room will be the worst one. 4. Layout should be rectangle or square. The overall layout of the living room shall be a rectangle or a square rather than the irregular or polygonal spatial pattern. The square living room will improve your luck in terms of both blessing and wealth, and also make the infinite positive energy staying in the home. 5. Wealth Direction You should pay special attention to the wealth direction which is generally at the oblique 45℃ position facing the living room as soon as you enter into the door. The wealth direction shall be tranquil and avoid water dispenser, audio equipment and other shaking items, or your will have your wealth affected and suffer from financial loss. 6. Furniture Placement The furniture shall be placed properly. According to Feng Shui knowledge, the storage cabinet in the living room shall cling to the wall and the sofa shall face the door or TV, and never back the door. If the sofa backs the door, your interpersonal relationship will be disharmonious and you may easily encounter villains or have disputes with others. 7. No mirror behind the Sofa The sofa shall not have a mirror behind, or you sitting on the sofa will expose your head to others from the mirror, which is ominous. It will be okay if the mirror is beside the sofa. 8. Avoid Beam If the living room has a spanning beam, the ceiling shall be covered with decorations, or the beam will bring you the sense of pressure and bad luck and make you nervous. 9. Floor should be even. The living room floor shall not be uneven; instead, it shall be flat and avoid too many too many stairs or the sense of high and low. Some living rooms adopt the design of high and low partition to make the obvious change of high and low floor. However, this kind of design makes the family luck full of ups and downs. 10. Living Room and Doors If you sitting in the living room can see the doors of all rooms, the privacy will be poor and you may feel open to the external world. 11. Paintings The living room shall not decorate with beast paintings but the paintings about flowers, plants, landscape or fishes, birds, horses, white cranes and other auspicious animals. However, if you prefer to tiger, eagle and other beasts, you should make the beast heading out to form a pattern of defense. Never make the beast heading inward, or you will be threatened and bring accidental disasters to your family. 12. Decoration The living room shall be decorated with the circular-shaped decorations since it is a family and friends gathering place requiring the lively and harmonious atmosphere. The circle is a symbol of Yang and dynamic, so the circular-shaped lighting, ceiling and decorations can create the warm and lively atmosphere. 13. Avoid knife and sword. Sharp objects, such as knife and sword, firearm and animal specimens, shall not be hung on the wall because they will produce Yin and lead to quarrel or violence. Also, the angular table lamp or decoration shall be avoided. 14. No antiques, furniture or sundries fulfilled The living room shall not be full filled with antiques, furniture or sundries, or your family health will be influenced, leading to blocked Qi-blood, poor health, unsmooth things, and even strange things.
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While you want your living room to follow feng shui basics, you also want it to reflect your personal tastes. Don’t be afraid to add your personal touches. Your room doesn’t need Chinese furniture, objects, or symbols in order to follow feng shui principles. The true feng shui principles are about form and placement, not good luck symbols. If you apply sound these feng shui principles and rules to your décor, you’ll have a very auspicious living room.
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The bagua is the feng shui energy map of your space. In order to create best feng shui energy in your living room, it is best to define the bagua of your home first. Once you know the feng shui area of your living room, you will have clarity on the best choice of colors, shapes, and materials based on the feng shui element that needs to be supported there.
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Feng shui principles address the outside and inside of your home. You can tackle the interior of your home one room at a time. The living room is a vital seat of feng shui for your family and should be addressed with this importance in mind. Most families spend a great deal of time in the living room and because it’s a gathering place, it needs to accommodate the appropriate feng shui energies to ensure the wealth, health, and happiness of the family.
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The next step in good feng shui living room decorating is to be sure your room gets as much natural light and good quality air as it possibly can.  Good quality air and good quality light create the foundation of good feng shui energy, and there are many ways to help you do the best with this feng shui step. For example, if you have only a few small windows, decorate with mirrors to bring more natural light, as well as be sure to layer your indoor lighting.
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A living room that is clean and clutter free is the only foundation for good feng shui.  Yes, we know you might have heard that many times, but this essential first step has to be emphasized again. There can be no solid and good feng shui energy in a space that is infected by clutter, the two of them cannot co-exist; it is either one or the other.
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Another aspect of bad feng shui energy is called Si Chi, which is basically low, sad, and depressing quality of energy. Hopefully, you will never have to deal with it! To prevent it from taking roots in your living room, be sure to use basic feng shui space clearing steps after a strong family argument, unpleasant guests, etc. Even better, make a habit of clearing the energy in your space regularly, this is easy to do and a pleasure to experience.
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We start with the color scheme, of course, because color is an expression of light and it has the biggest impact on our mood. It is also very important for good feng shui because each color is an expression of a specific feng shui element.
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For example, you can still have a mirror (Water feng shui element) in the South bagua area (ruled by the Fire feng shui element) if you do not make it into a focal point. For this purpose, choose a mirror with a fiery shape  (like a sunburst mirror) and Fire element material (gold finish is a good expression of the fire element).
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Sectionals are another popular furniture choice for the living room. While may accommodate a large family, they can be problematic when applying feng shui principles. The L-shaped furniture layout is inauspicious since it creates a large poison arrow in the room. If you can’t avoid this type of furniture configuration, you can lessen its impact by placing a plant at the end of arrow part.
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The living room is a wonderful place to display photos of family members, as well as other inspirational people. Colors add a powerful, healing quality to your home and they reflect your personality. Therefore, choose colors that you enjoy, while at the same time honoring the preferences and individuality of each person that lives in your home. Really can’t choose the best colors for your living room? Read this article here! Use the bagua map to add suitable enhancements to create the perfect feng shui living room.
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Against a solid wall—ideally, the wall farthest from the entry—with a clear view of the door. Leave a few inches of breathing room between the sofa and the wall.If you don’t have a wall to put the sofa against, how can a floating sofa work? Put a console behind it, topped with tall, sturdy lamps, so you feel more secure. Add a mirror opposite the sofa so you can see behind you. That makes you feel protected.What’s the biggest feng shui mistake you see in living rooms? An awkward seating plan that’s not conducive to conversation, like if the couch is 10 feet from the nearest chair or all the seating is pushed up against different walls.How close should seating be? There’s no formula, but you want an intimate arrangement that invites people in. Furniture should be close but not jammed together. And each seat needs a surface on which to rest a drink or a book. That makes it more welcoming.What about flow? In general, you shouldn’t hit any furniture as you go across the space. For example, it’s not great to walk into the back of a sofa as you enter the room. And if there’s a walkway into another room, it has to be clear.Tell us about coffee tables. A square or rectangular table may not feel as good as a circular or oval one, which lets energy move around more easily. You don’t want harsh angles pointing at people.So circles are good? For a coffee table, yes. But, overall, a mix of shapes is important. Squares represent earth; rectangles, wood; triangles, fire. Round and oval items represent metal. The living room will feel most balanced if it includes all of them.

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