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Outdoor Sign Lighting


Applications When illuminating exterior signs, you can choose from a variety of lighting fixtures, including RLM barn lights, spotlights, and flood lights. Depending on your lighting needs and style preferences, you may opt to use an even stream of narrow light or bright light spread over a wide area. For example, a RLM barn light would fit the style and functionality of a rustic door sign requiring downlighting. Alternately, if lighting a large commercial sign placed on an incline, you may opt for a floodlight for the large area that the fixture is able to illuminate. When lighting ground signs, using a spotlight or smaller floodlight ensures a concentrated stream of light reaches the sign to provide visibility. Find a variety of outdoor sign lighting fixtures and usage tips on our Sign RLM Wall Sconces, Outdoor Flood Lights, and Outdoor Spotlights pages.
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Effective outdoor sign lighting with gooseneck style spot lights can be accomplished with just one fixture for a small sign. For larger signs, group as many as 10 sign lights side-by-side for a more brilliant effect. Gooseneck sign lights come in many sizes, lengths and shade reflector shapes. Sign light reflector shades are also available with straight or angled reflectors and custom necks and holes can be created for most any of our outdoor sign lighting designs. For custom commercial gooseneck lighting, one of our project managers can assist via phone.
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Effectual sign lighting, including exterior gooseneck sign lights, can be easy to overlook, but are vital to quality industrial lighting design. Fluorescent outdoor sign lighting is not only for businesses that stay open after sunset. Potential customers pass by 24 hours a day, and the right commercial outdoor sign lighting prevents exterior signage from suffering a visibility oversight. Shop online: Aluminum, brass, and copper goosenecks Flood, spot, and bullet lights Directional sign lighters Lamp post lights
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At Sign Bracket Store, we know the right outdoor lighting improves the presence of a business façade around the clock. Our exterior sign lighting and stylish gooseneck lights give businesses, storefronts and warehouses a warm, welcoming personality, day or night. Find goosenecks and other architectural lighting fixtures, including sign flood lights and spot lights. Most of our outdoor sign lighting is made from high-quality aluminum that is powder coated for extra protection.
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All types of architectural lighting and exterior sign lights, brought to you by Sign Bracket Store, come in various shapes and sizes to suit an array of projects. Shop online to find attractive outdoor sign lighting in a range of styles, from eye-catching radial shades to more functional CFL and LED flood sign lights. Our collection of outdoor lighting products are primarily made from corrosion resistant aluminum that is finished with a powder-coated paint for extra protection. Additionally, brass and copper fixtures add an upscale element to your lighting scheme.
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Whether you need a single spot sign light to illuminate a small hanging blade sign, or large fluorescent flood lights that can blanket an entire storefront façade, Sign Bracket Store can accommodate your lighting project. Our UL approved sign lights and other architectural lighting satisfies a range of applications, both inside and outside. For coordinating alleyway or street lighting, check out our collection of decorative lamp post lights.
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Design Tips: Outdoor sign lighting may be utilized for commercial or residential purposes, but users typically illuminate signs hanging from the doorway or placed on the ground. Determine the size of the sign and where the sign will be placed. Elevated signs will normally utilize RLM barn lighting fixtures, while signs closer to the ground may use spotlights or flood lights, depending on the size of the sign. Spotlights may be used to accent architectural or landscaping details, in addition to highlighting signs.
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From its inception in 1963, Hubbell Outdoor Lighting and Spaulding Lighting established its position in the lighting industry by manufacturing lighting products of the highest quality. Today Hubbell Outdoor combines innovative technology with practical lighting solutions and performance, servicing the commercial, industrial, electrical distributor and contractor markets.
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LSI Industries is committed to giving you high-performance, professional-grade outdoor lighting solutions for outdoor lighting requirements. From energy-efficient, high-value lighting fixtures to mounting brackets and poles, we service the needs of the design community, electrical contractors and distributors from our manufacturing facilities right here in the United States. Further, we are committed to exceeding the service and delivery requirements of our customers to provide the best value in outdoor lighting.
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HTM Lighting is the leading commercial LED lighting manufacturers and supplier of outdoor sign lighting. Our team of professional engineers work hard to deliver to our clients an innovative range of reliable lighting and controls solutions, specifically designed for meeting high demands, energy efficiency and cost savings.
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All are UL approved sign lights, meaning fixtures are UL Listed for safety and performance. Sign flood lights and monument sign lighting are a natural offering, given Sign Bracket Store’s large assortment of signage supplies, also available online.
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In addition to selling our sign lights we can also custom manufacture nearly any of our banner or standard blade sign brackets to incorporate outdoor reflectors on gooseneck arms. With our extensive manufacturing capabilities, we can fabricate custom blade sign brackets with any of our lighting arms and shades, a service unavailable in most areas. Call today to get a quote for improved nighttime visibility with custom signage: 1-888-919-7446
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In addition to industrial lighting our website features a number of other sign related products like banner brackets, lamppost hanging basket brackets, A-Frame signage and roadside signage. Sign Bracket Store by Hooks & Lattice is based in Carlsbad, California just 40 miles north of San Diego and 40 miles south of Orange County. Incorporated in 2001, Hooks and Lattice proudly sells sign lights and other products throughout the United States.
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Why buy from us 120% Low Price Guarantee We have a 120% price match policy promising you that we will meet or beat our competitor prices (*restrictions apply). Top Notch Customer Service Industry-leading 4.7 out of 5 stars customer service rating. Honest feedbacks from real customers. Our business continues to grow because of our competitiveness and great customer service, despite the challenging economy. We will be here to help you down the road. Largest Selection Over 100,000 products from more than 70 established home decor and lighting brands. We are your one stop shop for furniture, lighting and home decor. Our website’s easy navigation helps you quickly find what you are looking for. Most up-to-date clearance and sales events We bring you the best deals by working closely with the lighting, furniture and home decor manufacturers on the most up-to-date sales and clearance events No sales tax No sales tax for orders shipping outside of California. Free Shipping Free ground shipping on orders over $99 to the lower 48 states.
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GE Tetra® high-efficiency, long life LED systems deliver exceptional performance for channel letter, border lighting and box sign applications. Judged against the performance of standard neon or fluorescent lamps, Tetra® LED systems provide significant energy cost reductions, easier job site installation, less frequent maintenance and more consistent brightness and uniformity across your signs.
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Over 100,000 products from more than 70 established home decor and lighting brands. We are your one stop shop for furniture, lighting and home decor. Our website’s easy navigation helps you quickly find what you are looking for.
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I have spent days trying to locate replacement lights for out outdoor lighting system. Arcadian had exactly what I needed, and at a reasonable price. When I had a question about specifics I received a prompt response. I received my lights two days after placing my order, and they were exactly what I had hoped they would be. I couldn’t be more satisfied with Arcadian!!!

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